French Pink Clay (25g)


Gently exfoliates your skin

Refine & Tighten your skin's pores

Detoxifies & Brightens your skin

Absorbs excess oil, pollutant and traces of make-up from your skin

Organic, Vegan, and zero nasties

Customisable Face Mask

Receive a FREE Warrior Beauty Double Mask Brush Applicator with every purchase!

Warrior beautyTM inside-out

Your purchase makes a difference! We donate a portion of every product you purchase to non-profit organisations to help warriors who are struggling with skin conditions and diseases.

ALL SKIN TYPES - Sensitive, Normal, Dry, Oily,
Combination and Troubled Skin such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, etc.


Choose to just add water or level up with ingredients readily available from your kitchen such as Yogurt, Honey, and Fruits. GET A FREE EBOOK (worth 49$) filled with our favorite Warrior Beauty Pink Clay recipes with your purchase!


100% Pure French Pink Clay Powder!
Harvested from France.



Highly Beneficial For Acne-Prone Skin As It Decongests Clogged Pores.
This Mineral Helps To Stimulate The Blood Circulation Too, Leaving Your Skin Rejuvenated, Supple, Smooth And Glowy!


Calcite Is A Crystal And Is Said To Be Great For Purifying Your Energy. A Gentle Exfoliator, It Works Great In Removing Dead Skin Cells Which Makes Your Skin Appear Dull. This Allows For Better Absorption Of Skincare Products That Are Especially Rich In Skin Nutrients.


Super Absorbent And Gently Exfoliates Your Skin With Any Excess Oil Without Stripping It Entirely.

French Pink Clay is known to be a more premium ingredient and has been exclusively used at spas in luxurious treatments for many years compared to the more popularly known Australian Pink Clay. Now we bring French Pink Clay to you, allowing you to experience your own luxurious spa treatment in the comforts of your own home!




Cleanse your face, and pat dry.


Pour out 1 tablespoon of Pink Clay Powder. Add in 1 tablespoon of purified or distilled water. Mix into a paste. If the paste is too thick, continue to add more water gradually.


Apply the mask onto your face, avoiding the eye area. Wait 10 - 15 mins.


Rinse or wipe off the mask with warm water. Hydrate your face with a toner and moisturizer. We recommend using Exzma Skincare's Rose Hydrosol Toner and Skin Soothing Oil for best results!

Missing your spa pampering sessions? Not anymore! Love how gentle, yet effective Warrior Beauty French Pink Clay from @exzmaskincare is. My skin is brighter, pores are visibly smaller, and my skin feels rejuvenated in just one use.

- Caroline L.

I'm sexy and I know it . When I saw this French Pink Clay mask, I was a little bit shy to try it out. You know, pink is not very manly... But I saw the results my friend had with this mask and I knew I wanted me some. This pink mask on my face, not complaining. The complexion of my skin after? All worth it! Thanks @exzmaskincare.

- Herman P.

I've tried the popular australian pink clays, but most of them just make my face burn or dry out. However, I am sooooo in love with Warrior Beauty's French Pink Clay! My most favorite part? It's customisable! I can choose to add ingredients specific to my needs. Hydration, exfoliation, brightening... you name it! Thank you @exzmaskincare
for this thoughtful mask.

- Jamie N.

Now I don't need to have masks for different purposes. I just need Warrior Beauty's French Pink Clay Powder from@exzmaskincare and a bunch of different ingredients from my kitchen to make my own masks. Creative!

- Jessica C.

I am always conscious about my pores. I have tried all kinds of serums, toners, masks, facial cleanser but nothing comes close to @exzmaskincare's French Pink Clay. It has hit a home run in my skincare ritual. Never looking back.

- Jonah L.

For those who suffer from Eczema like me, you got to try this! My face feels incredibly smooth, inflammations are less, and it isn’t drying at all! Just follow up with a toner and moisturizer as recommended by @exzmaskincare. I bought the whole set, so obsessed with it now.

- Eliza M.

Tried, and tested by yours truly. I am a very choosy and picky person. I don’t just try a skincare product out of impulse. But when I saw Warrior Beauty’s French Pink Clay, and how amazingly I can customize it, I knew I had to give it a shot. Never regretted it. Truly amazing, @exzmaskincare!

- Laura S. P.

Add this MUST HAVE Warrior Beauty French Pink Clay mask from @exzmaskincare to your skincare ritual right NOW! I promise you won’t regret it. So in love with how glowy my skin looks like right now, I can head out without any make-up and I am ok with it!

- Kitty M.

Holy smokes! My acne is so much in control now. My face is less oily, especially on my T-zones. I don’t have to worry about my shiny nose and forehead anymore thanks to @exzmaskincare’s Warrior Beauty French Pink Clay. Thank you guys!

- Paula M.

My girlfriend forced me to put this French Pink Clay Mask on by @exzmaskincare. I was really reluctant at first as I am not a skincare type of guy. But WHOAW. Seeing how radiant my skin is after the first use, I kept bugging her for more. She won’t share it with me now, so I am getting my own monthly subscription right now. You have converted me, @exzmaskincare. Great job!

- Blaine R.

Hold up, make room for this amazing new French Pink Clay mask by @exzmaskincare! Everyone needs to have this in their skincare routine, it’s a no brainer.

- Nora R.

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