Treatments for atopic dermatitis (eczema) in children

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Atopic dermatitis is a chronic (long-lasting) condition which causes dry, inflamed and itchy skin. Though it affects all the age groups, this is a very common condition in babies and children which often begins in infancy. It usually first occurs between 3 and 6 months of age. Generally, it improves or gets worse as the child grows. Few kids with atopic eczema might have more chronic diseases.

Usually, eczema affects the babies under 12 months in their cheeks, scalp, chest and inner elbow. Grown-up kids typically have more flare-ups on their hands, feet, knees and elbows. Irrespective of the age, eczema causes discomfort, interrupting sleep and other daily activities. 

baby eczema treatment

Babies’ dermis are delicate – so are their immune systems. The overreaction of the immune system is believed to be the vital cause of eczema. The chemicals in the cloths, dyes and detergents, the fragrances and baby products may cause skin irritation, rashes and dryness in kids.  

What are the treatments for atopic dermatitis in children?

Treatment for atopic dermatitis depends on a child’s age and symptoms. There is a proven cure for atopic dermatitis. However, the goal of the treatment is to prevent the infection, reduce the inflammation, itching and add moisture to the affected dermis.

Treatment includes:

Lukewarm bath:Though toddlers love soaking in a bathtub for a long time, unfortunately, long soak and hot water harm the natural oils present in the dermis. The hot water causes drying effects and traces of chemicals found in most water can act as a trigger. Instead, use lukewarm water to hydrate and cool the baby’s skin and ease the itchiness. Keep the bath time short.

Avoid bubbles:Although bubbles are fun and soothing, a bubble bath for little tots with atopic dermatitis is not desirable. Most bubble baths use chemicals, like sodium lauryl sulfate, to produce the bubbles which can severely irritate the child’s delicate dermis.

Use cleanser: It is ideal to use a cleanser instead of soap as soaps can raise the pH level and are likely to cause more irritation. Sodium lauryl sulfate present in soaps can wreak havoc on the delicate dermis. It’s best to avoid soap and prevent further aggravation.

Avoid scented products:Using scented products can cause irritation and itchiness. 

After bath Skincare:One must be very careful when drying the dermis after a bath. Strictly do not use rough fabrics. Use only soft cotton and avoid rubbing as it will increase the flare-ups. 

Fabric care:It is advisable to use only soft cotton fabrics to prevent further rashes. Use only dye and fragrance-free detergents. Rinse baby blankets, bedding and clothes separately from other laundry.

Right food:Breastfeeding mothers should be careful about what they eat. Always keep in mind that your baby eats what you eat. Avoid consuming food that you feel the baby is allergic to. After the breastfeeding phase, ensure that you keep track of what food triggers your baby’s eczema.  

Trimmed nails: Precautions have to be taken to protect the baby’s skin. Dermatitis generally causes itching, and so trimming them regularly will prevent the children from scratching the rashes and make it worse.

Cool environment: Keeping your dermis cool by staying in a cool place is very essential for dermatitis treatment. Stay away from sweat, as the salt in sweat can prickle and irritate the dermis. Ensure sufficient airflow and pleasant temperature.

Use the right moisturizer: Applying the right moisturizer minutes after bath time is essential.Exzma Relief Oil for Babies and Kids can work to restore your child’s skin. Finest of all, with repeated use, it can stimulate the child’s skin to produce its own oils. In the long run, Exzma Relief Oil for Babies and Kids can standardize sensitive dermis, decrease the number of flare-ups, and set free of symptoms overall. Our product is specially designed to soothe your little one’s itch and flare-ups. It contains natural oils and organic ingredients. It is effective at locking moisture in and irritants out. In just a few seconds of applying the oil, your child will feel the result and will start to relax. That means better night's sleep for mommas and babies! 


Wrong products or eczema cream on your children's skin could irritate it more. You cannot take a chance with your little one’s skin. Choose the right product that works well. You can find the best eczema products recommendations now on our website.

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