Secrets to Self-Love - Valentine’s Month Special

by R Social Collaborator February 17, 2020 3 min read

Every day and every month brings us one or the other reason to celebrate love and the spirit of togetherness, but February has a unique charm of its own. After all, it’s Valentine month. Each day of the month will give you a reason to celebrate love and happiness. But everything in February doesn’t mean everything has to be lovey-dovey or ‘heart-shaped’. Whether you are committed or flying solo takes this month as a golden opportunity to love and cherish yourself. 

Self-love in simple words is self-acceptance and appreciating your existence. Also, it means to nourish your spirit, mind, and body. Why not try some pampering in this Valentine’s month. Here is how you can do it –

Take time to rest in the lap of Mother Nature 

Don’t keep yourself restricted to your room/house. Take at least 20 minutes from your daily schedule to spend time with nature. It will increase your energy levels and encourage you to become optimistic. Plus, it will boost wellness and vitality in your body. So put on your walking shoes and go for a simple walk. Alternatively, you may go for trekking, hiking, or to play your favourite sport. Sitting in a nearby park and cherishing the beauty of nature will also do wonders to lift your mood. 

Motivate yourself through podcasting 

Podcasts are one of the best ways to remind yourself how fabulous you are. You may go for a 30-60 minutes hypnotherapy or deep relaxation session using the self-improvement sessions of these podcasts. Not only you’ll feel great, but kick off some self-destructive habits you have had for years. Podcasting improves the overall being of a person. Look for podcasts that have content related to motivation, positive thinking, weight loss, exercising, tips to get rid of toxic relationships and enhance self-esteem.

Nourish your body with a healthy diet 

Yes, you can’t ignore this tip. Self-pampering is never complete without showing some love to the inner parts of your body. A nutrient-rich diet is important to make your body function and work properly. Put on your apron and start with preparing a delicious smoothie. Add a generous amount of protein powder to it. Prepare a big bowl of green (tasty) salad. Get your hands dirty to prepare some sweet treats, healthy though! You can easily find some inspiring healthy recipes on the internet that can be prepared with your favorite ingredients. 

Meditate and practice self-love affirmations

Practicing daily affirmations generates a sense of positivity and self-love. The emotions and behaviors of an individual are strongly affected by their thoughts. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your mind in a state of positivity by leveraging the power of meditation and self-love affirmations. This practice will improve your self-esteem and eventually your life. Recite the ‘mantras’ or quotes that encourage self-kindness and self-compassion. It’s an ideal way to develop an open attitude and positivity in your subconscious mind. 

Take a warm bath to soothe your body’s tense muscles 

The best idea to feel relaxed and get rid of stress. Soothing, warm baths will is perfect to release both mental stress and body tension. Take leave from your everyday routine and Epsom salt soak. Give at least 30 minutes to this muscle-relaxing bath. It promotes tranquillity and provides relief from body ache. You may also use your favourite essential oil to reap the advantages of aromatherapy. Give yourself a spa experience at home by lighting some candles and playing your favourite music while you take the bath. Just keep in mind you are putting up all these efforts to build up self-belief and self-love.  

Pamper yourself with some relaxing massage 

Show yourself some love. Treat yourself with a relaxing and massage. This will help you to feel and look beautiful. A simple almond oil hair mask is all it takes. You may take any hair mask of your choice, though. Apply it on your hair, massage for at least 10 minutes and let it rest on your hair for 20 minutes. You’ll have soft, silky, and smooth hair. Plus, your mood will be refreshed magically. 

Gift yourself a getaway or solo date 

A fancy date! Yes, you deserve it. You may also try a night out. Impress yourself with a fancy date. Getting thoughts to save money here? No cheap date, please. Treat yourself as if you are making the bookings for your friend. If they deserve a luxurious date, so do you. 

An overnight stay in a boutique hotel, drive to your favorite beach, dinner-date at your favorite restaurant – there are endless options for a solo date. Alternatively, you may book a family/friends photo session. Even an appointment with a therapist or a life coach could be a perfect option. Just do anything that cheers you up. You should be happy, confident, and proud of yourself at the end of the day.

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