Psoriasis in Babies: Symptoms, Treatment & Special oil remedies

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Psoriasis in babies is an extremely rare skin condition but it can’t be completely ruled out that babies are not prone to it. As we all know, Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin condition wherein there is a rapid regeneration of skin cells which eventually end up attacking the healthy dermis. The rapid regeneration of skin cells causes scaly, red and dry patches on the skin which eventually becomes itchy, painful and even starts to crack and bleed in extreme conditions. Though people of any age tend to get affected by this condition, it’s however uncommon for babies to get affected by psoriasis. 


Psoriasis is often a skin condition wherein the immune system starts working too much round the clock, therefore, resulting in rapid regeneration of skin cells. These skin cells are being regenerated too quickly and as a result, they pile up on top of dermis creating scaly and dry patches which become painful and cracked over time. Babies rarely develop this condition according to many research studies. Babies, however, get other skin conditions which are common to affect the babies. According to certain research studies, symptoms of psoriatic dermis tend to show up only from the age of 15-35 years. Babies, however, are prone to get other skin condition like:


  • Salmon Patches
  • Peeling and Dry dermis
  • Pink pimples
  • Small white bumps on the forehead and nose
  • Erythema toxicum


Even if babies do seem to get affected by psoriasis, one can tell surely only after close examination of the dermis. In babies, it is particularly hard to diagnose as they are very hard to tell the difference. The babies are more prone to get skin conditions like Eczema because Eczema is more common among babies. That’s what makes it particularly difficult to diagnose and tell the difference because both appear to be the same. When babies do develop psoriasis they tend to get red and scaly rashes mostly around the groin area which makes it all the more difficult to differentiate. They also tend to develop lesions that are usually scaly in their scalp which appears similar to cradle cap. The bottom line here is that baby psoriasis is rare and not very common to occur among babies. However, there’s still 0.01% for babies to be affected by psoriasis.


How to differentiate between Psoriasis and other skin conditions?

The only effective way to tell the difference between common skin condition and psoriasis is by close observation. Dermatologists and your kid’s pediatrician can help you out of your dilemma. By examining the rashes closely, they conclude whether the baby really is having psoriasis or not. However, it’s better to quickly consult your little one’s doctor. The doctor will definitely not recommend treatments will cause irritation to your baby’s sensitive dermis. They focus on recommending treatments which are mild but at the same are extremely effective.


The symptoms of skin conditions like psoriasis differ from person to person, as a result, it’s tricky to determine the exact symptoms. Baby psoriasis otherwise called as Pediatric Psoriasis is also tricky to determine amongst kids. However, listed below are the common symptoms which tend to occur commonly among babies:

  • Dermis folds covered with red patches
  • Cracked and dry dermis that can bleed because of intense itching and scratching.
  • Itching and scorching sensation around the affected area
  • Patches of the dermis are usually raised and covered with dry and white scaly rashes (these are often mistaken as diaper rash which occurs commonly among babies)

When the symptoms are active your baby will develop rashes which are itchy and appear to be red. After some days or even weeks, the 'flaring' eventually reduces and it will not appear for weeks or even months. Hence, the trickiest part of a skin condition is not being able to predict the cycle of when the flaring up will increase or decrease both in adults and babies.

    Type of Psoriasis among Babies

    Though there are five types of psoriasis that occurs among adult, babies, however, are more prone to get only two types of psoriasis which are discussed below: 

    1. Plaque Psoriasis: Most babies are prone to get this type as it's very common to occur among babies. During plaque psoriasis, the baby’s dermatitis is usually affected with dry and red patches which usually appear like plaques. These plaques also appear like scales which are often in silver colour. These scales are usually extremely itchy and also are very painful. These plaques usually have a favourite spot where they tend to appear all the time like knees, lower back, scalp and elbows. In some extreme conditions, these scales also tend to bleed which causes serious skin issues. 
    2. Guttate Psoriasis:Next to Plaque Psoriasis we have Guttate Psoriasis which is otherwise called drop-like psoriasis. Guttate psoriasis appears in tiny red dots in areas like arms, legs and back. It is also said that many kids who get this kind of psoriasis also tend to get Plaque Psoriasis eventually. 


      Identifying Plaque Psoriasis 

      Identifying Guttate Psoriasis 

      Children under the age of two, tend to get diaper rash when the baby is always covered in a diaper. However, diaper rash often appears to be like plaque psoriasis. The issue that lies here is that one cannot easily differentiate between a psoriatic diaper rash and a normal diaper rash. However, if it’s a normal diaper rash, the rash will disappear after trying home remedies. If the symptoms persist or it gets worse, consult your little one’s pediatrician. 


      Treatment of Psoriasis in Babies

      Compared to adults, we have to be a lot more careful white treating babies with psoriasis as their skin is extremely sensitive. Before trying any home remedies or anything it's better to consult your child's paediatrician. 

      Here are some treatments which you can try to soothe the psoriasis on your baby:

      • Make sure that the baby’s skin is always moisturised with cream and powders. Never leave the skin dry and unattended because when the dermis becomes dry the scales tend to reappear and crack because the skin is extremely dry. Therefore, the affected areas ought to be moisturised all the time.
      • Keep affected dermatitis clean and free of germs. When the skin cracks and itches, the babies unintentionally tend to scratch which should be halted immediately. If the baby’s keep scratching the area, dermatitis will crack open and bleed. The exposed dermatitis will easily attract germs which will make the situation only worse. Keep the affected dermis clean and free of germs all the time.
      • Not all moisturisers cream work in healing psoriasis. Choose products which fall less on the expensive side but are simply effective regardless. Opt products which have natural and topical ingredients in them which will definitely soothe your little one’s skin.
      • Try to avoid extreme cold and extreme hotness. Keep the baby warm and cool according to the seasonal changes. Remember, seasonal changes deeply affect psoriatic skin.
      • Clothes play a very important role in helping your baby fight psoriasis. Choose clothes which are light and mostly soft and cotton. Avoid wrapping the little one too much with a blanket because that’ll only trigger the skin twitch more. Go for clothes which make the baby feel comfortable and relaxed and also expose a lot of skin so that the skin heals quickly. 


      Exzma Skincare for Babies and Kids

      Many moisturizers and creams have come to light which claims to completely eradicate psoriasis. The one thing we should properly understand that psoriasis is a chronic skin which cannot be removed completely from your life. However, baby psoriasis is comparatively less chronic in nature. Therefore they don’t occur again in the future. There are many essential oils and moisturisers which claim to resolve the problem completely however, choose products which heals your little one steadily and at the same helps in healing the flaring up of the skin. Exzma Skincare Oil for Babies and Kids is a tiny little bottle hop for soothing your baby’s dermatitis. The oil is very useful and different from other oils as it is:

      • Alcohol-free
      • Paraben-free
      • Steroid-free
      • Chemical-free
      • Gluten-free

      It’s definitely heartbreaking to see your tiny one suffer so much with psoriasis. Exzma Skincare Oil for Babies and Kids is specially crafted with organic ingredients to soothe and heal your little one’s skin by minimizing the flaring up as much as plausible. It contains only natural and handpicked ingredients to soothe your baby. It is natural, organic, vegan and gluten-free made just for your baby munchkin. It contains all five natural oils which are completely tested and handpicked from countries like Italy, Australia, India, Indonesia and Somalia. Using Exzma Skincare Oil for Babies and Kids Oil once on your baby’s dermis will start to soothe and heal the affected area steadily. 

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