Do perfume and fragrances cause contact dermatitis?

by iSTRATA Digital October 26, 2020 4 min read

Perfume or fragrance allergy occurs most commonly in people suffering from hand or facial eczema, and the symptoms aggravate when they are exposed to fragrance, perfumes or scented products. The products which contain perfumed ingredients also will cause contact eczema reactions. However, these fragranced ingredients are found in almost everything we use.

Some of the most widespread exposures to scented chemicals occur from:

  • Deodorants
  • Cosmetics
  • Personal care products (Soaps, Shampoos & Conditioners, Shaving Gel, etc.) 
  • Household cleaning products
  • Topical pharmaceuticals
  • Workspace exposure via manufacturing ingredients.

The modern lifestyle has made it nearly impossible to avoid perfume or fragrance exposure.“Contact dermatitis is most likely to be caused by fragrances,” says the Dermatology Times. 


Contact Dermatitis

Contact dermatitis is a type of eczema caused by direct contact with a substance that triggers an allergic reaction. Though the rashes caused by Contact Dermatitis are not life-threatening, it can be very unpleasant until the itching goes away. Unlike atopic dermatitis which is the most common and difficult-to-treat type of eczema, contact dermatitis is not genetic.


How are perfumes related to Contact Dermatitis?

Perfumes or fragrances are considered one of the major causes of contact dermatitis. The growing recognition of the extensive use of fragrances in modern society has distracted the people from recognising the risks.

Usually, perfumes and fragrances are made of chemicals which may irritate your skin, cause redness, burning, rashes, itching and flare-up eczema.    


Why do all products contain fragrance?

Almost every product we use in our daily life contains fragrance. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, most people want their skincare and hair care products to have a delightful scent. The manufacturers are aware of the power of scents and their impact on buying decisions. Secondly, scents are used to mask or hide the unpleasant odours and enhance the experience of using a product.


Why does smelling good come with a cost to the skin?


A person generally likes to smell good as it makes him feel fresh and confident. Hence, perfumes and deodorants are used to keep unwanted body odour at bay and boost your confidence that you get through the day without feeling conscious of your body odour. Though it is very important to smell nice to make an impression, not at the cost of your skin. 

Chemicals like galaxolide (a synthetic musk) and diethyl phthalateare also added in the perfumes to help the skin absorb the fragrance and make it last for hours. The skin’s vulnerability is increased due to excessive absorption of chemicals, alcohols and petroleum. present in these fragrances.


Fragrance-Free Products

There are many brands which claim their products as “fragrance-free”, but that’s certainly not enough. Most companies have started using the term “fragrance-free”. However, they use scents to neutralize the unpleasant odour present in the product ingredients. A “fragrance-free” product might have a natural scent in the ingredients and no artificial scent will be added to impart smell. Know the difference!


What ecz-perts say?

According to dermatologist Dr Jeff Yu – allergic contact dermatitis specialist for adults and children at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston,

“People with skin problems always think of food as a trigger for allergic contact dermatitis, but the fact is that what we eat is rarely the culprit. In reality, the cause would be always contacted with chemical substances like make-up remover, paints, glues, a topical antibiotic, cosmetics or perfume."


Try Safe and Natural Perfumes

If you are much concerned about the chemical content in your perfumes which aggravates your skin condition, don’t worry; there are safe alternatives in the market. Choosing a natural and organic perfume without chemicals means you can still enjoy using it, worry-free and feel fresh throughout the day.

You can also make your own toxic-free, signature perfume right at home with natural ingredients such as essential oils, fresh fruits and flowers. 


Surviving itchy days with Exzma Skincare Products!

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It is always better not to shop with your nose as what makes your nose happy does not make your skin happy!


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