Best Home Remedies For Eczema

by Nazerah Tahir June 01, 2019 4 min read

Eczema which is a name given to the group of conditions leading to inflammation of the skin currently has no known cure. But there are certainhome remedies for eczema, which definitely provides some relief to the patients. Thesenatural remedies for eczema alleviate the sufferings of patients to a lot extent and help them lead a normal life.

Like there is no known cure, there is also no fixed cause for having eczema. Eczema is best prevented by identifying and managing the triggers associated with the disease. Hot weather, dry skin, certain clothes material, smoke, soaps, shampoos, or simple stress can trigger eczema. Different people have different triggers which lead to a flare-up.

You can opt for over the counter or prescription medications to treat an eczema flare up or simply use home and natural remedies to sooth them.

Trusted and ProvenHome Remedies For Eczema

There are variousnatural cures for eczema which you can opt for sitting in the comforts of your homes.

Lukewarm Showers

A simple lukewarm shower can work wonders for your skin if you are facing an eczema flare up. Make sure that the water is not very hot and not to use soaps and shampoos which trigger your condition. Try to minimize the use of soaps altogether. If the flare-up is too bad and your skin is too irritated, you can go for an oatmeal bath. Oatmeal will smooth your skin and prevent the urge for scratching which makes eczema worst.

Change your Wardrobe

If you have clothes in your wardrobe which are made of rough materials like wool, do away with them. Your flare-up could be because of the fabric of your clothes. The rough fabrics rub against and irritate your skin. So, it is better to go for breathable fabrics like cotton.

Mild Laundry Agent

The detergents which have fewer chemicals reduces a chance of a flare-up. Go for mild, chemical and fragrance-free detergents for your laundry and save yourself from a nasty flare up.


Dry skin is the most common cause of an eczema flare-up. Go for good moisturizing oil or gel to prevent a flare-up. Regular moisturizing can be the most important measure you can take to stay clear of any flare-ups. Moisture yourself multiple times in a day and special immediately after a shower.

Moisturizes will lock the moisture inside out skin if you use them immediately after a bath. You can choose a plain and simple readily available coconut out as a moisturizer. Coconut oil has antibacterial qualities which helps in eczema a lot as eczema patients tend to have more bacteria on their skin than others.

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Humidifiers As A Home Remedy For Eczema

The dry air around you will make your skin dry further. The air conditioners or heaters we use in our houses makes our skin very dry. To deal with this problem you can make use of a humidifier at home. Humidifiers will help maintain the moisture balance of your skin. So, go ahead and invest in a good humidifier.

Stay Stress-Free And Stay Fit

Stress, whether it is mental or physical, can reduce your immunity leading to a flare-up of your conditions. Try instilling meditation and regular exercises in your daily routine. Spend some time on the treadmill, go for walks, try yoga, do anything which you can, and you like to keep yourself physically upbeat and mentally relaxed. Keeping anxiety and stress at bay will keep your flare-ups at bay too.


We know that alcohol leads to bloating or swelling in the body. Although it is not proven but having alcohol might lead to a flare up, as it leads to inflammation in your body. Inflammation body could mean inflammation of the skin and thus an eczema attack. It is better to stay clear of alcohol to prevent a bad flare up.

If you are an eczema patient or you know someone who is, you don’t have to worry about a flare-up of your condition or suffer because of the same. There are many ways which you can adapt to stay eczema free or get relief from it. Try the above-mentioned remedies and the moisturizing oil and gels available at our online store to get back your life from the clutches of eczema.