How holistic healing can help to manage eczema symptoms?

by R Social Collaborator February 13, 2020 4 min read

The topic has focused light on two terms essentially. First is eczema, second is holistic healing. Let us first try to explain both in their own essence and then establish a relationship between both. The branch of medical science which involves the integration of the psychological therapies to bring about curation in dermal problems is termed as psychodermatology. This is an extensively popular subject and has shown wonderful new paths in the field of dermatology. 

Natural remedies can often be one of the best ways to prevent and combat any disease. Even doctors these days are focusing on the holistic approach towards curing eczema. Topical ointments and medicines are definitely worthy enough to use. But who can beat mother nature? 

If you have been suffering from eczema for a long time now and without much benefit from all sorts of creams and lotions that you have tried, switch over to natural methods.

Let us come to the term holistic health now. Holistic means in a complete sense. The overall mental, physical and spiritual well being of an individual is termed as holistic health. It is multi-dimensional in the definition. Without the use of any chemical or external means, the reformation of your body and internal health status can help you achieve a complete realm of health. once you manage to reach this state and maintain it sustainably, you can reduce the stress hormones of your body that will directly reduce the manifestation of eczema. Holistic health achievement can also lead to stronger and healthier immune system. The capability of resistance will prevent the eczema symptoms from triggering.

Now, eczema like any disease can be reduced in extent by application of internal and external medicines. But prevention is always better than cure. Through the achievement of a complete status of wellbeing, eczema symptoms can be put to hibernation and prevented from flaring up. Prevention in case of eczema is actually always trying to put it in a quiescent state. 

Reduction of stress is going to put a brake to the secretion of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. Since these bear a positive correlation with the extent of eczema manifestation, their reduction will subsequently reduce the triggering of eczema

Excess itchiness, inflammation and dryness that are common symptoms of eczema can be kept away with reduction in stress. In the modern lifestyle, keeping away stress is more than difficult actually. Here is where the concept of achievement of a holistic health status arrives.

With the attainment of a blissful state of the mind, the body automatically starts responding in a positive way. Regular exercise, involving in hobbies, chatting with people that you like and creating a hallow of positivity around yourself act as strong stress busters. 

In this context, there is also some reality that you need to face though harsh yet true. Holistic curing is one of the most effective options for curing eczema, but you definitely cannot expect 100 percent accurate results within some days. First fact is that holistic curing requires ample time, some times years after years. Secondly the effects might not be miraculous

Medical statistics and data prove the fact that eczema is extremely difficult to cure completely. So, one can opt for the holistic way of curing. Holistic curing therapy will deal with everything that can heal you right from within.

Acupressure and massage therapies are also coming in the frontline these days. They have created quite a buzz in the cure of eczema. Acupressure and massage help to diminish stress greatly. These can be greatly beneficial to check eczema from flaring up. Deep tissue massage that can relieve you, is going to be of great help. This is popularly termed as the mind body approach. Where the mind is targeted to cure the body. this is an extraordinary integration and if properly explored can help you attain complete bliss and overall holistic health

Nevertheless, there are various natural ingredients like aloe Vera and pure virgin coconut oil, which have shown to be miraculous in treating eczema. Other rare yet effective natural ingredients include cardiospermum and sunflower oil. These natural ingredients if used under expert supervision can be of immense help for eczema patient.

 A few basic ideologies or remedies pertaining to holistic health that can help to reduce the intensity of eczema are: -

  1. Improve your diet. Your gut is your greatest friend or worst enemy. If there is to be a cure, your gut needs to support you. at the same time, eating a lot of particular food stuffs can naturally support the immune system of the body that shall help in keeping the flare of eczema under control. Include as much as fresh fruits and green vegetables in your diet. Drink lot of water. Discard the agitating components of food such as extra oil or too much of spices
  2. Inhale in fresh air and spend time in natural environment as much as possible. The establishment of a positive relation between nature and you will induce a great energy
  3. Pursuing your favorite job and leading a peaceful life will be of great health towards your target of complete holistic health. So, follow your passion
  4. Have peaceful and adequate sleep. Having ample of sleep at regularly scheduled time has been proven to be directly associated with mental health and immunity system of the body. Opt for daily meditation to rejuvenate your soul and mind
  5. Resort to the topical application of naturally beneficial products like aloe vera or coconut oil on the affected skin. They produce slow but long term and visible effects with zero side effects

Your within will help you fight every disaster; eczema falls in the same list.

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