How To Get Glowing Skin When You Have Psoriasis?

by exzma Admin June 15, 2020 5 min read

Psoriasis is considered to be a condition which occurs mainly due to a weak immune system. The causes and triggers differ from person to person. Though it occurs mainly due to a weak immune system, it can also be considered as 'genetic' in a few cases. If one member in the family has this condition, chances are that the other members can also be affected. However, it necessarily doesn't mean that you ought to get it if one member has it. The rapid overproduction of these dermis cells can develop anywhere on the body, including:

  • Hands
  • Face
  • Feet
  • Neck
  • Scalp

As far as symptoms are concerned, one must understand that they differ from person to person and hence there's no point in comparing your symptoms with another person who is also suffering from this condition. Nevertheless, you can find the common symptoms which may occur to everyone when affected with psoriasis. 

  • Raised, red and inflamed dermis
  • Whitish- silver scales or plaques which appear on the inflamed dermis when scratching intensifies.
  • Dry dermis which usually cracks or even at extreme cases bleeds
  • Scratching and itching sensation around the patches which intensifies day by day
  • Painful and swollen joints

These are the symptoms that an individual must watch out for. Also, it's important to remember that the inflammation and the scratching sensation might be intense and terrible for quite some time, but will soon disappear and later become unnoticeable. The flare-up will be considerably reduced. But, that is not the end of your fight with psoriasis because, the symptoms will again come back, preferably after a period of time a lot more terrible and intense than ever. 

Major Causes For Psoriasis

To this day, it's unclear and unknown to what exactly causes this. However, research shows two major causes which play a vital role in causing psoriasis:

  • Immune system: Psoriasis is often termed as 'autoimmune condition' which means that the immune system attacks itself. In this case, the white blood cells called T cells mistakenly attack the cells. The mistaken attack triggers the cells to go overdrive and hence there's overproduction. As a result, the cells are produced at a tremendous speed which leads the cells to pile up on the surface of the dermis. Eventually, this results in the formation of plaques and also causes the dermis to become inflamed and red.
  • Genetics: In some cases, people develop this condition if their immediate family members are suffering from psoriasis. However, it's safe to tell that people getting affected due to genetic disposition is fairly small. 

A Guide To Healthy And Glowing Skin When Having Psoriasis!

People with psoriasis often worry about their skin and how it appears. The constant fear and anxiety later transform to stress which will readily act as a catalyst in creating a new bout of psoriasis for an individual. Though the symptoms seem to have subsided, you can't help but be in constant trepidation that everything will start all over again. Though it cannot be fully and completely treated, it is plausible to keep it away as far as possible if your dermis gets proper care and nourishment. Here's a complete guideline on what you should do to get glowing skin:

  • Warm baths = Well-hydrated and glowing skin: A daily warm bath of 15 minutes with a mild and chemical-free soap soothes the itchiness and also effectively removes the dry dermis. Hot water and harsh chemical soaps will worsen your dermis which is already sensitive.
  • After bath skincare: Gently pat dry the area with soft towels instead of rubbing. Wear only soft cotton or bamboo fabrics as synthetic and wool clothes might trigger the flare-ups. 
  • Do not scratch and pick: When it is very itchy, you might feel the urge to scratch. But, it is always better to avoid the temptation to scratch, as scrub lesions may tear open your dermis leading the infection-causing germs. Trim your nails short and avoid picking the scaly skins, as it may cause bleeding and increase the infection. 
  • Soothe your dermis with some sun: UV rays can considerably slow down the growth of the rapid increase in the production of cells. Soaking yourself in the sun for a few minutes would make a slight difference. Don't soak up yourself too much that it may cause some worse outbreaks. However, it's highly advised to consult your doctor before adding sun therapy to your schedule. 
  • Change in the diet: Apart from external care, the individual’s diet can also make the healing process easier and faster and helps to attain beautiful and glowing skin. Red meat including sausages, bacon and beef should be avoided. Processed, canned and packaged foods which are high in sugar, salt and fat should be avoided. Add on fresh fruits and leafy vegetables, fatty fishes, heart-healthy oils and lean meats.   
  • Quit Alcohol: Researches show that drinking alcohol can trigger flare-ups and immune problems. When a person consumes alcohol, it escalates the growth of inflammatory cytokines and develops infections and affects the skin’s health. It also leads to vitamin deficiency and dehydration.   
  • Do not stress: Stressing over the condition can again act as a disadvantage for stress is a major trigger in flaring up your psoriasis again. Your condition may aggravate when you are under stress. Overcome stress by eating well, relaxing, exercising and getting sound sleep.  You can also read books, hear music, play games, etc. to avoid stress.
  • Vitamins and Nutrients: The fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, & K and water-soluble vitamins B and C are essential for life and well-being. Vitamin A- reduces the overproduction of cells while vitamin D controls metabolic reactions and vitamin c reduces oxidative stress. It is also advisable to add omega 3 and fatty acids in the food. These vitamins and nutrients can also be taken as supplements. However, it is better to take it directly from fresh foods. 
  • Exzma Skincare Products:The all-natural, vegan and organic products are made from rich plant oils and essential oils which have scientifically proven to act as a cooling agent for Psoriasis and Eczema as they are caused due the result of the dry dermis. So naturally, the first thing you should take care of is to make sure that your skin is always moist and never gets too dried up. Constant changes in seasons also mess up the skin. Therefore, to keep your dermis from drying up and becoming too flaky, the best way is to moisturize regularly with our relief oil, balm or gel for glowing skin. Our products are available for both adults and babies who suffer from Psoriasis and Eczema. The gluten-free cream creates a protective layer on your skin to keep it safe from other harmful bacteria. It also helps in the healthy growth of skin cells and retains great healing powers which will help the scars and dry skin to calm down. For best results, use Exzma Skincare Premium Relief products regularly. 

Following the guidelines, staying hygienic and following the prescribed diet along with maintaining your skin with the best psoriasis and eczema products like Exzma Skincare is the best way to get glowing skin even while having psoriasis.

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