Best Guide To Take Care Of An Eczema Baby

by Nazerah Tahir June 01, 2019 4 min read

Eczema is a skin allergic condition which mostly occurs in young children. In most cases,eczema in children develops before they reach their first year. By the time they reach 4, they develop it even more. When they become adults, they might outgrow such conditions but the skin remains dry. It has many symptoms which, if neglected, can lead to serious skin disease.

Although eczema is not a contagious disease, it is not curable too. However, proper care and application of necessary ointment and cream help to get relief from the symptoms. Trust Exzma Skincare, we provide best skin care products with essential oils which helps in controlling such acute skin conditions naturally.

IdentifyingBaby Eczema

When you see your little one struggling with itchy scalp or rough skin, before applying any medication or ointment, you need to understand the condition thoroughly. Moreover, baby skin is super sensitive. Hence, any treatment without proper identification might increase the allergy and lead the condition bad to worse. You certainly need to look out for the exact symptoms of eczema.

Young children mostly get a typical condition which is called atopic dermatitis. It causes irritation and inflammation of the skin. Dryness, redness, itchy scalp and skin rashes are the usual symptoms. Eczema babies develop rashes on the face and scalp.Toddler eczema also appears on the face and stretches the appearance on the folds of the elbow and knees by the time they grow up.

What TriggersEczema in children?

Dry weather conditions, continual itching and scratching on the affected area, stress, extreme sweat, allergies skin irritations, overheating and infections are some of the most important triggers which worsen the condition. This causes rashes which ooze out of the skin.

How To Stop The Triggers?

It is important to take some immediate actions to stopeczema in babies and children further from being triggered. Here is a list to control the condition from getting worsened :

  • Avoid too many layers of clothing especially during the night
  • New baby clothes must always be washed before using
  • Mild detergent should be used while washing their clothes
  • Use of strong soap on the baby's skin to be avoided as it might act as an irritant.
  • Try to refrain the babies and toddlers from getting stressed
  • Dress them in loosely fitted cotton clothes only
  • Avoid long and hot baths
  • Take steps to control their sweat
  • Comfortable room temperature must be maintained in the house.
  • Apply fragrance-free, hypoallergenic sunscreen before swimming or exposure to the sun
  • Avoid application of any ointment or medicated cream without a prescription from the pediatrician.
  • Keep the skin moisturized and massage the skin exclusively with ECZEMA & PSORIASIS RELIEF OIL for babies and kids

Eczema Care Oil For a Soothing Skin ForEczema In Babies

With 100% natural ingredients, ECZEMA & PSORIASIS RELIEF OIL for babies and kids works like wonders. It is made of highest quality ingredients extracted from all over the world and is organic and vegan. At Exzma Skincare we prioritize the baby skincare products and hence keep it Gluten free. Here you get only the hand-picked ingredients which are the best for the delicate skin of your baby. With all 5 natural essential and plant oils, Eczema Relief Oil brings a massive improvement in your baby's skin.

1) The Virgin Olive oil, also known as Olea Europaea L Oil, handpicked directly from Italy, controls inflammation. With a regular application, It increases the immune system, helps to heal any wound and brings relief to the Eczema babies from annoying itches.

2) The Lavender Oil acts as an antiseptic. Known for its relaxing effect, this oil works on the sensitive skin, burns, allergies, inflammations and any other dermatitis and condition ofeczema in children. It is extracted from France and Bulgaria.

3) Another extremely effective ingredient in the product is the Patchouli Oil from India and Indonesia which increases blood circulation. With its anti-inflammatory properties, it controls the fungus and helps in healing any acute skin conditions.

4) Frankincense Olibanum Oil is again an anti-inflammatory product which helps in regeneration of tissues. Handpicked directly from Somalia, this oil is antimicrobial. It further helps in toning of the skin.

5) Finally, Vitamin E handpicked directly from Australia is another essential oil is one of the components of the oil. Vitamin E helps to improve the nervous system, blood circulation, and metabolism. Its oxidant formula protects the skin of your young one.

If you want to notice a massive improvement ineczema In babies, opt for Exzma Skincare. We announce a phenomenal success in taking care of the skin of the babies and toddler. The natural ingredients of Eczema & Psoriasis Remedy are tested by our Certified Professional Aromatherapist. It is gentle on the skin and strong on the rashes simultaneously. Apply the all-new ECZEMA & PSORIASIS RELIEF OIL, and we assure that as a mother you would be pleased and much happier to see your baby living peacefully.

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