Best Eczema Treatments for Itch Relief

by Nazerah Tahir June 29, 2019 3 min read

If you have eczema and are suffering from it for days and are unable to visit the doctor, then you can find some eczema home remedies for itch relief. There is some best eczema treatment which you relive you of the itching and suffering even if you cannot visit a doctor.

Even if you are unable to get eczema medication from a doctor, you can use anti-itching oil for eczema to get fast relief. Know how to cure eczema fast with the help of home remedies that you can easily without medical assistance. You might have already tried and tested many remedies, and none of them are working properly. Even when you visit a doctor, they provide some home remedies along with eczema medication to bring eczema under control.

Ways for natural eczema relief is the best treatment as there are no chemicals involved. Mentioned below are some of the best natural treatments for eczema relief which can get you instant relief from the pain as well as from the itching.

How to Cure Eczema Naturally?

Relieving yourself from eczema is very necessary as it may hamper with your daily chores and give you much suffering. Certain natural remedies could help you incurring eczema in a natural way.

  • If you have extremely itchy skin, then you can arrange for a cold compress and apply it delicately to the infected area. The coolness would help reduce the itchiness and soothe skin. For this, you can take a clean towel and make it wet in cold water. Then wring it and apply it on your itchy skin. After applying the compress, you can use some moisturizer so that the skin does not dry out.
  • You can also add colloidal oatmeal to the bath of your child. Colloidal oatmeal helps to get relief from the itchiness and dryness of the skin that is caused due to eczema. Add the oatmeal to lukewarm water and soak your child in it for some minutes. After the bath of your child, leave some water on the skin and gently dry him. Wait for sometime before you add moisturizer to the body. This is one of the best treatments for eczema relief for babies.
  • You can use petroleum jelly to cover the itchy area. Use a thick layer to do this so that the skin is not exposed to external environmental factors. If the infected skin is exposed to dust, heat or other things, then eczema could flare up and thereby be more dangerous.

This is why it required that you add some eczema friendly cream or lotion which could cover the infected area and keep it moisturized.

Do not itch the infected skin at all. Itching it would flare up eczema and thereby spreading it on other parts of the body wherever the infection is touched. If the skin is itching a lot, then you can gently pinch or tap the nearby skin. This may sound a little odd but is very effective. Do not touch the infected area at all and tap the surrounding area so that the itch reduces.

What Is The Best Treatment For Eczema?

When treating eczema, there are mainly four things to be considered – control the itching, healing the infected skin, preventing a flare up and also prevent any infections. The treatment for eczema is different for each person depending on their age, the symptoms, their medical history, and many other things. The first and foremost thing that you should do when you have eczema is to visit a doctor. It is necessary that you get proper eczema medication so that the infection does not spread in your body. Doctors might give you lotions, creams, ointments or solutions which you have to apply at the prescribed time.

However, there are certain medicines that you can buy for yourself if you have eczema:

  • OTC Hydrocortisone:This is a medicine which is recommended by doctors if you have mild eczema. There are different dosages and strengths for the same, and it depends on the intensity of your rash.
  • NSAID Ointment: This is an ointment that you can apply twice a day for relief. This ointment should be applied to individuals who are above two years old. This ointment can help reduce the inflammation of the infected area.

Getting rid of eczema is necessary as you have to suffer a lot for it. No matter which remedy you use and which medications you apply, the primary goal is to reduce eczema. This is why you should routinely apply the medicines as prescribed by the doctors and also use natural remediesfor better results.   

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